Self Service

Self Service Laundry

Bubbles Laundromat strives to offer the best customer service, the cleanest environment, the friendliest attendants, and we want our customers to have a 5 star experience while in our laundromat in Santa Clarita. We are open from 6am-8:30p.m., 7 days a week. Laundry attendants are available from 8:30am-closing everyday to assist our customers.

Self Service Laundry Pricing

  • Top Loader (8 Total)
  • 20 lb Washer (10 Total)
  • 30 lb Washer (14 Total)
  • 40 lb Washer (9 Total)
  • 60 lb Washer (6 Total)
  • 30 lb Dryer (36 Total)
  • 50 lb Dryer (5 Total)
  • 75 lb Dryer (3 Total)

Bubbles Laundromat has all Speed Queen washers with prices ranging from $3.25-$9.75 and Speed Queen dryers with prices ranging from $0.90-$1.85.

Our laundromat offers many amenities for our customers to use and enjoy while in our store. These include:

  • 2 TVs
  • Detergent vending machine from single to multi use products
  • Drink vending machine
  • Ample folding areas
  • Benches and stools
  • Wowie Zowie Gumball machine
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtered and Alkaline Vended Water for purchase
  • Laundry bags, water jugs, and caps sold over the counter
  • Free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports
  • 24 Hour security cameras
  • 300 space parking lot

Never worry about quarters again! At our laundromat, all our washers and dryers operate on a laundry card system. You can load your laundry card with cash, credit card, debit card, or EBT. We offer a loyalty program through our laundry card system where customers receive a $3 bonus for every $20 you load on your card.

Looking to save time, drop off your laundry at our Wash and Fold in store or schedule a laundry Pickup and Delivery online. Let us do your laundry for you.