Uniform Laundry Service

So many businesses require their employees to wear a uniform -- from the people that service your car to the high-end waiter at your favorite restaurant. Some uniforms get dirtier than others. Mechanics deal with grease and oil, waiters and flight attendants deal with food and drinks, while utility workers can deal with all sorts of things that can stain their uniforms. Fortunately, we are equipped to launder just about any kind of uniform. At Bubbles Laundromat we have commercial grade, highly efficient machines that can clean all of your uniforms for you. We have professional launderers who know how to deal with tough stains, and we use premium products so that your uniforms get as clean as possible.

You can bring those uniforms into our laundromat and leave them with us so that we can wash them for you, or you can utilize our pickup and delivery service. We will come to your business as often as you need us. Our uniform laundry service is available in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas. We can handle uniforms from restaurants, caterers, healthcare professionals, automotive and more. 

We wash our laundry with an Ozone Laundry System so your uniforms will not only be clean, they will be sanitized. Ozone helps your uniforms last longer, and it eliminates 99% of bacteria on your clothes. Your uniforms will be cleaner, smell fresher and last longer with our uniform cleaning service.

Uniform Laundry Services you can expect:

  • Reasonable, Transparent Pricing
  • Quick, Reliable Turnaround Times
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • All-Inclusive Laundry Service
  • Customizable Pickup & Delivery Schedules
  • Separate Laundering

We use only premium brand products when we launder your towels. Our staff will wash, dry and fold all your laundry. Your towels will be delivered to you carefully wrapped in plastic. 

No we do not. We know that as long as we continue to provide you with outstanding service, you will stay with us.

No. We will always keep your laundry items separate from other clients laundry.

Commercial customers can pay by credit card or invoice. You can set up how often you will be billed - weekly, every other week. or monthly. 

Our laundry delivery service days are as follows:

  • Monday - Friday

We are equipped to handle whatever type of uniform laundry that you give us. The laundry service cost will depend on the amount of laundry and how often you require our service. Please click on the link below to request a quote.

Servicing the following areas:

Santa Clarita, CA - Newhall, CA - Valencia, CA - Canyon Country, CA - Saugus, CA - Stevenson Ranch, CA